XSL-FO Conformance

Implementation is based on Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.1.

  • [yes] in the list means that the formatting object or property is implemented.
  • [partial] means that the formatting object or property is partially implemented.
  • [no] means not implemented.
  • [-] means aural property, it is out of scope for implementation.

Sometimes items with [yes] have some limitation(s) that do not affect their ability to accomplish the specified tasks. See [8 Conformance] of XSL specification about “Conformance Level”.

5.9 Expressions

The Conformance level is not defined for Expressions. These units are also available in CSS. Besides these units, several units are also extended. See also Extended Units.

5.9.13 Definitions of Units of Measure

NameConformance levelConditionComments
cmyes1cm = 10mm
inyes1in = 25.4mm
ptyes1pt = 1in/72 = 0.3528mm
pcyes1pc = 12pt
pxyes  pxpi
degyes5.11 Property Datatypes <angle>
gradyes5.11 Property Datatypes <angle>
radyes5.11 Property Datatypes <angle>
msyes5.11 Property Datatypes <time>
syes5.11 Property Datatypes <time>
Hzyes5.11 Property Datatypes <frequency>
kHzyes5.11 Property Datatypes <frequency>

5.10 Core Function Library

The Conformance level is not defined for Core Function Library. Except for some, these functions are also available in CSS. Besides these functions, several functions are also extended. See also Extended Functions.

5.10.1 Number Functions

NameConformance levelConditionComments

5.10.2 Color Functions

NameConformance levelConditionComments
rgb()yes  rgb()
rgb-icc()yes This function is extended.  rgb-icc()

In XSL 1.1 specifications, names that can be used for the color names are aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white and yellow. However, names listed in CSS Color Module Level3 can be used in AH Formatter V7.1. The name k100 can be used as the color equivalent to cmyk(0,0,0,1). Color names are case insensitive.

5.10.3 Font Functions

NameConformance levelConditionComments

5.10.4 Property Value Functions

NameConformance levelConditionComments
label-end()yes It is not available in CSS.
body-start()yes It is not available in CSS.
from-page-master-region()yes It is not available in CSS.

Incompatibility with XSL 1.0 is caused by from-page-master-region() function added in XSL 1.1. In XSL 1.1, even if writing-mode or reference-orientation is specified for <fo:region-*>, it is supposed to be disregarded. To enable these specifications, it is necessary to specify the following for <fo:page-sequence>.


Also, by specifying default-from-page-master-region="true" in the Option Setting File, it can always be operated as interchangeable XSL 1.0.

6 Formatting Objects

6.4 Declarations and Pagination and Layout Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.4.2 fo:rootBasicyes
6.4.3 fo:declarationsBasicyes
6.4.4 fo:color-profileExtendedyes  PDF/X
6.4.5 fo:page-sequenceBasicyes <fo:page-sequence> can be nested inside another <fo:page-sequence>.
6.4.6 fo:page-sequence-wrapperBasicyes
6.4.7 fo:layout-master-setBasicyes
6.4.8 fo:page-sequence-masterBasicyes
6.4.9 fo:single-page-master-referenceBasicyes
6.4.10 fo:repeatable-page-master-referenceBasicyes
6.4.11 fo:repeatable-page-master-alternativesExtendedyes
6.4.12 fo:conditional-page-master-referenceExtendedyes
6.4.13 fo:simple-page-masterBasicyes Extended so that the following can be specified:  Background Extensions
  • background-color
  • background-image
  • background-repeat
  • background-position-horizontal
  • background-position-vertical
6.4.14 fo:region-bodyBasicyes The description order of <fo:region-*> is extended.  Other Extensions
6.4.15 fo:region-beforeExtendedyes
6.4.16 fo:region-afterExtendedyes
6.4.17 fo:region-startExtendedyes
6.4.18 fo:region-endExtendedyes
6.4.19 fo:flowBasicyes
6.4.20 fo:static-contentExtendedyes
6.4.21 fo:titleExtendedyes
6.4.22 fo:flow-mapExtendedyes
6.4.23 fo:flow-assignmentExtendedyes
6.4.24 fo:flow-source-listExtendedyes
6.4.25 fo:flow-name-specifierExtendedyes
6.4.26 fo:flow-target-listExtendedyes
6.4.27 fo:region-name-specifierExtendedyes

6.5 Block-level Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.5.2 fo:blockBasicyes
6.5.3 fo:block-containerExtendedyes Empty element is allowed.
Extended so that column-count, column-gap properties can be specified.  Columns

6.6 Inline-level Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.6.2 fo:bidi-overrideExtendedyes
6.6.3 fo:characterBasicyes
6.6.4 fo:initial-property-setExtendedyes
6.6.5 fo:external-graphicBasicyes
6.6.6 fo:instream-foreign-objectExtendedyes
6.6.7 fo:inlineBasicyes
6.6.8 fo:inline-containerExtendedyes Empty element is allowed.
6.6.9 fo:leaderBasicyes
6.6.10 fo:page-numberBasicyes
6.6.11 fo:page-number-citationExtendedyes
6.6.12 fo:page-number-citation-lastExtendedyes
6.6.13 fo:folio-prefixExtendedyes Antenna House has already been supporting it by the extensions specification.  axf:page-number-prefix
6.6.14 fo:folio-suffixExtendedyes
6.6.15 fo:scaling-value-citationExtendedyes

6.7 Formatting Objects for Tables

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.7.2 fo:table-and-captionBasicyes
6.7.3 fo:tableBasicyes
6.7.4 fo:table-columnBasicyes
6.7.5 fo:table-captionExtendedyes
6.7.6 fo:table-headerBasicyes
6.7.8 fo:table-bodyBasicyes
6.7.9 fo:table-rowBasicyes
6.7.10 fo:table-cellBasicyes

6.8 Formatting Objects for Lists

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.8.2 fo:list-blockBasicyes
6.8.3 fo:list-itemBasicyes
6.8.4 fo:list-item-bodyBasicyes
6.8.5 fo:list-item-labelExtendedyes

6.9 Dynamic Effects: Link and Multi Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.9.3 fo:multi-switchExtendedno
6.9.4 fo:multi-caseBasicyes
6.9.5 fo:multi-toggleExtendedno
6.9.6 fo:multi-propertiesExtendedno
6.9.7 fo:multi-property-setExtendedno

6.10 Formatting Objects for Indexing

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.10.2 fo:index-page-number-prefixExtendedyes
6.10.3 fo:index-page-number-suffixExtendedyes
6.10.4 fo:index-range-beginExtendedyes
6.10.5 fo:index-range-endExtendedyes
6.10.6 fo:index-key-referenceExtendedyes
6.10.7 fo:index-page-citation-listExtendedyes
6.10.8 fo:index-page-citation-list-separatorExtendedyes
6.10.9 fo:index-page-citation-range-separatorExtendedyes

6.11 Formatting Objects for Bookmarks

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.11.1 fo:bookmark-treeExtendedyes When color="transparent" is specified, the color information is not set to PDF.
Antenna House has already been supporting it by the extensions specification.  Bookmark and Link
6.11.2 fo:bookmarkExtendedyes
6.11.3 fo:bookmark-titleExtendedyes

6.12 Out-of-Line Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.12.2 fo:floatExtendedyes
6.12.3 fo:footnoteExtendedyes
6.12.4 fo:footnote-bodyExtendedyes Extended to have <fo:float> as a descendant.

6.13 Other Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
6.13.2 fo:change-bar-beginExtendedyes This is invalid in <fo:float>.
Extended to have <fo:float> as a descendant.  <fo:change-bar-begin>
Antenna House has already been supporting it by the extensions specification.  Revision Bar
6.13.3 fo:change-bar-endExtendedyes This is invalid within <fo:float>.
Antenna House has already been supporting it by the extensions specification.  Revision Bar
6.13.4 fo:wrapperBasicyes
6.13.5 fo:markerExtendedyes
6.13.6 fo:retrieve-markerExtendedyes
6.13.7 fo:retrieve-table-markerExtendedyes

7 Formatting Properties

7.5 Common Accessibility Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.5.1 source-documentBasicyes
7.5.2 roleBasicyes

7.6 Common Absolute Position Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.6.1 absolute-positionCompleteyes
7.6.2 topExtendedyes
7.6.4 bottomExtendedyes
7.6.5 leftExtendedyes

7.7 Common Aural Properties

Aural Properties are out of implementation scope.

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.7.1 azimuthBasic-
7.7.2 cue-afterBasic-
7.7.3 cue-beforeBasic-
7.7.4 elevationBasic-
7.7.5 pause-afterBasic-
7.7.6 pause-beforeBasic-
7.7.7 pitchBasic-
7.7.8 pitch-rangeBasic-
7.7.9 play-duringBasic-
7.7.10 richnessBasic-
7.7.11 speakBasic-
7.7.12 speak-headerBasic-
7.7.13 speak-numeralBasic-
7.7.14 speak-punctuationBasic-
7.7.15 speech-rateBasic-
7.7.16 stressBasic-
7.7.17 voice-familyBasic-
7.7.18 volumeBasic-

7.8 Common Border, Padding, and Background Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.8.1 background-attachmentExtendedyes
7.8.2 background-colorBasicyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:simple-page-master>.  axf:background-color
The value is extended.  <color>
7.8.3 background-imageExtendedyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:simple-page-master>.  axf:background-image
7.8.4 background-repeatExtendedyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:simple-page-master>.  axf:background-repeat
7.8.5 background-position-horizontalExtendedyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:simple-page-master>.  axf:background-position-horizontal
7.8.6 background-position-verticalExtendedyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:simple-page-master>.  axf:background-position-vertical
7.8.7 border-before-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.8 border-before-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.9 border-before-widthBasicyes
7.8.10 border-after-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.11 border-after-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.12 border-after-widthBasicyes
7.8.13 border-start-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.14 border-start-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.15 border-start-widthBasicyes
7.8.16 border-end-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.17 border-end-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.18 border-end-widthBasicyes
7.8.19 border-top-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.20 border-top-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.21 border-top-widthBasicyes
7.8.22 border-bottom-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.23 border-bottom-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.24 border-bottom-widthBasicyes
7.8.25 border-left-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.26 border-left-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.27 border-left-widthBasicyes
7.8.28 border-right-colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.8.29 border-right-styleBasicyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.8.30 border-right-widthBasicyes
7.8.31 padding-beforeBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.32 padding-afterBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.33 padding-startBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.34 padding-endBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.35 padding-topBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.36 padding-bottomBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.37 padding-leftBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.
7.8.38 padding-rightBasicyesExtended so that negative values can also be specified.

7.9 Common Font Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.9.2 font-familyBasicyes Values are strictly checked. See family-name-syntax in the Option Setting File.
7.9.3 font-selection-strategyCompleteyes
7.9.4 font-sizeBasicyes
7.9.5 font-stretchExtendedyes Expands/Condenses the font face to the inline progression direction. The font is not replaced by the other font, such as condensed font. Supports % value.  font-stretch
7.9.6 font-size-adjustExtendedyesA font itself needs to have the x-height information. It is not effective with a font without x-height. A font name can be specified.  font-size-adjust
7.9.7 font-styleBasicyes Supports italic, oblique and backslant.
7.9.8 font-variantBasicyes This property is extended.  font-variant
7.9.9 font-weightBasicyes This property is extended to accept any values from 1 to 1000.

7.10 Common Hyphenation Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.10.1 countryExtendedyes
7.10.2 languageExtendedyes
7.10.3 scriptExtendedyes
7.10.4 hyphenateExtendedyes
7.10.5 hyphenation-characterExtendedyes U+00AD cannot be specified.
7.10.6 hyphenation-push-character-countExtendedyes
7.10.7 hyphenation-remain-character-countExtendedyes

7.11 Common Margin Properties-Block

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.11.1 margin-topBasicyes
7.11.2 margin-bottomBasicyes
7.11.3 margin-leftBasicyes
7.11.4 margin-rightBasicyes
7.11.5 space-beforeBasicyes
7.11.6 space-afterBasicyes
7.11.7 start-indentBasicyes
7.11.8 end-indentBasicyes

7.12 Common Margin Properties-Inline

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.12.1 margin-topBasicyes
7.12.2 margin-bottomBasicyes
7.12.3 margin-leftBasicyes
7.12.4 margin-rightBasicyes
7.12.5 space-endBasicyes
7.12.6 space-startBasicyes

7.13 Common Relative Position Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.13.1 topExtendedyes
7.13.2 rightExtendedyes
7.13.3 bottomExtendedyes
7.13.4 leftExtendedyes
7.13.5 relative-positionExtendedyes

7.14 Area Alignment Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.14.1 alignment-adjustBasicyes
7.14.2 alignment-baselineBasicyes auto is considered baseline.
7.14.3 baseline-shiftBasicyes
7.14.4 display-alignExtendedyesThis property is extended.  display-align
7.14.5 dominant-baselineBasicyes
7.14.6 relative-alignExtendedyes

7.15 Area Dimension Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.15.1 allowed-height-scaleExtendedyes
7.15.2 allowed-width-scaleExtendedyes
7.15.3 block-progression-dimensionBasicyes
7.15.4 content-heightExtendedyes
7.15.5 content-widthExtendedyes
7.15.6 heightBasicyes
7.15.7 inline-progression-dimensionBasicyes
7.15.8 max-heightCompleteyes
7.15.9 max-widthCompleteyes
7.15.10 min-heightCompleteyes With regard to table, there is no distinction between min-height and height. When both are specified, the larger value is adopted as height.
7.15.11 min-widthCompleteyes
7.15.12 scalingExtendedyes
7.15.13 scaling-methodExtendedno
7.15.14 widthBasicyes

7.16 Block and Line-related Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.16.1 hyphenation-keepExtendedyesEither of the following happens to meet the requirement of hyphenation-keep.
  • The word is pushed to the next line to avoid a hyphen at the end of the page or column.
  • The line is pushed to the next page so that the line with the hyphen does not come at the end of the page or column.
7.16.2 hyphenation-ladder-countExtendedyes
7.16.3 last-line-end-indentExtendedyes
7.16.4 line-heightBasicyes
7.16.5 line-height-shift-adjustmentExtendedyes
7.16.6 line-stacking-strategyBasicyes
7.16.7 linefeed-treatmentExtendedyes
7.16.8 white-space-treatmentExtendedyes
7.16.9 text-alignBasicyes
7.16.10 text-align-lastExtendedyes
7.16.11 text-indentBasicyes
7.16.12 white-space-collapseExtendedyes
7.16.13 wrap-optionBasicyes

7.17 Character Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.17.1 characterBasicyes
7.17.2 letter-spacingExtendedyes
7.17.3 suppress-at-line-breakExtendedno
7.17.4 text-decorationExtendedyes
7.17.5 text-shadowExtendedyes  text-shadow
7.17.6 text-transformExtendedyes
7.17.7 treat-as-word-spaceExtendedno
7.17.8 word-spacingExtendedyes

7.18 Color-related Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.18.1 colorBasicyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.18.2 color-profile-nameExtendedyes  PDF/X
7.18.3 rendering-intentExtendedno

7.19 Float-related Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.19.1 clearExtendedyes  Float Extension
7.19.2 floatExtendedyes This property is extended.  Float Extension
7.19.3 intrusion-displaceExtendedyes

7.20 Keeps and Breaks Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.20.1 break-afterBasicyes
7.20.2 break-beforeBasicyes
7.20.3 keep-togetherExtendedyes The strength of keep is compared only within the same reference area. For example, keep within one reference area is not compared to keep within the next reference area.
7.20.4 keep-with-nextBasicyes
7.20.5 keep-with-previousBasicyes
7.20.6 orphansBasicyes
7.20.7 widowsBasicyes The widows may not be able to be resolved between regions of different width.

7.21 Layout-related Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.21.1 clipExtendedyes
7.21.2 overflowBasicyes Limitation: scroll is not supported. This property is extended.  overflow
7.21.3 reference-orientationExtendedyes
7.21.4 spanExtendedyes  span

7.22 Leader and Rule Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.22.1 leader-alignmentExtendedpartial Limitation: page is not supported. This property is extended.  leader-alignment
7.22.2 leader-patternBasicyes
7.22.3 leader-pattern-widthExtendedyes
7.22.4 leader-lengthBasicyes
7.22.5 rule-styleBasicyes
7.22.6 rule-thicknessBasicyes

7.23 Properties for Dynamic Effects Formatting Objects

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.23.1 active-stateExtendedno
7.23.2 auto-restoreExtendedno
7.23.3 case-nameExtendedno
7.23.4 case-titleExtendedno
7.23.5 destination-placement-offsetExtendedno
7.23.6 external-destinationExtendedyes  xlink:href
7.23.7 indicate-destinationExtendedno
7.23.8 internal-destinationExtendedyes This property is extended.  internal-destination, xlink:href
7.23.9 show-destinationExtendedyes
7.23.10 starting-stateExtendedno
7.23.11 switch-toExtendedno
7.23.12 target-presentation-contextExtendedno
7.23.13 target-processing-contextExtendedno
7.23.14 target-stylesheetExtendedno

7.24 Properties for Indexing

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.24.1 index-classExtendedyes
7.24.2 index-keyExtendedyes
7.24.3 page-number-treatmentExtendedyes
7.24.4 merge-ranges-across-index-key-referencesExtendedyes
7.24.5 merge-sequential-page-numbersExtendedyes
7.24.6 merge-pages-across-index-key-referencesExtendedyes
7.24.7 ref-index-keyExtendedyes

7.25 Properties for Markers

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.25.1 marker-class-nameExtendedyes
7.25.2 retrieve-boundary-within-tableExtendedyes
7.25.3 retrieve-class-nameExtendedyes
7.25.4 retrieve-positionExtendedyes
7.25.5 retrieve-boundaryExtendedyes
7.25.6 retrieve-position-within-tableExtendedyes

7.26 Properties for Number to String Conversion

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.26.1 formatBasicyes This property is extended.  format
7.26.2 grouping-separatorExtendedyes
7.26.3 grouping-sizeExtendedyes
7.26.4 letter-valueBasicpartialLimitation: Always uses auto value.

7.27 Pagination and Layout Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.27.1 blank-or-not-blankExtendedyes
7.27.2 column-countExtendedyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:block-container>.  axf:column-count
7.27.3 column-gapExtendedyes Extended so that it can be specified to <fo:block-container>.  axf:column-gap
7.27.4 extentExtendedyes
7.27.5 flow-nameBasicyes
7.27.6 force-page-countExtendedyes This property is extended.  force-page-count
When <fo:flow> is assigned to the region of the page master of the page added by force-page-count, a page doesn't break within the <fo:flow> and treated like <fo:static-content>.
7.27.7 initial-page-numberBasicyes
7.27.8 master-nameBasicyes
7.27.9 master-referenceBasicyes
7.27.10 maximum-repeatsExtendedyes
7.27.11 media-usageExtendedno
7.27.12 odd-or-evenExtendedyes This property is extended.  odd-or-even no-LT
7.27.13 page-heightBasicyes Limitation: indefinite is not supported. When auto is specified, it is the size of default-page-height in the Option Setting File. The setting less than 3pt is adjusted to 3pt.
7.27.14 page-positionExtendedyes
7.27.15 page-widthBasicyes Limitation: indefinite is not supported. When auto is specified, it is the size of default-page-width in the Option Setting File. The setting less than 3pt is adjusted to 3pt.
7.27.16 precedenceExtendedyes
7.27.17 region-nameBasicyes
7.27.18 flow-map-nameExtendedyes
7.27.19 flow-map-referenceExtendedyes
7.27.20 flow-name-referenceExtendedyes
7.27.21 region-name-referenceExtendedyes

7.28 Table Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.28.1 border-after-precedenceBasicyes
7.28.2 border-before-precedenceBasicyes
7.28.3 border-collapseExtendedyes
7.28.4 border-end-precedenceBasicyes
7.28.5 border-separationExtendedyes
7.28.6 border-start-precedenceBasicyes
7.28.7 caption-sideCompleteyes start becomes before, end becomes after.
7.28.8 column-numberBasicyes
7.28.9 column-widthBasicyes
7.28.10 empty-cellsExtendedno
7.28.11 ends-rowExtendedyes
7.28.12 number-columns-repeatedBasicyes
7.28.13 number-columns-spannedBasicyes
7.28.14 number-rows-spannedBasicyes
7.28.15 starts-rowExtendedyes
7.28.16 table-layoutExtendedyes
7.28.18 table-omit-header-at-breakExtendedyes This property is extended.  table-omit-header-at-break

7.29 Writing-mode-related Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.29.1 directionBasicyes
7.29.2 glyph-orientation-horizontalExtendedyes
7.29.3 glyph-orientation-verticalExtendedyes
7.29.4 text-altitudeExtendedyesIt's invalid if baseline-mode="4" is specified in the Option Setting File.
7.29.5 text-depthExtendedyesIt's invalid if baseline-mode="4" is specified in the Option Setting File.
7.29.6 unicode-bidiExtendedyes
7.29.7 writing-modeBasicpartialSupports only lr-tb, rl-tb, tb-rl, lr, rl and tb.

7.30 Miscellaneous Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.30.1 change-bar-classExtendedyes Antenna House has already been supporting it by the extensions specification.  Revision Bar
7.30.2 change-bar-colorExtendedyes
7.30.3 change-bar-offsetExtendedyes
7.30.4 change-bar-placementExtendedyes
7.30.5 change-bar-styleExtendedyes
7.30.6 change-bar-widthExtendedyes
7.30.7 content-typeExtendedyes
7.30.8 idBasicyes  xml:id
7.30.9 intrinsic-scale-valueExtendedyes
7.30.10 page-citation-strategyExtendedyes
7.30.11 provisional-label-separationBasicyes
7.30.12 provisional-distance-between-startsBasicyes
7.30.13 ref-idExtendedyes
7.30.14 scale-optionExtendedyes
7.30.15 score-spacesExtendedyes
7.30.16 srcBasicyes
7.30.17 visibilityExtendedyes
7.30.18 z-indexExtendedyes

7.31 Shorthand Properties

NameConformance levelConditionComments
7.31.1 backgroundCompleteyes
7.31.2 background-positionCompleteyes
7.31.3 borderCompleteyes
7.31.4 border-bottomCompleteyes
7.31.5 border-colorCompleteyesThe value is extended.  <color>
7.31.6 border-leftCompleteyes
7.31.7 border-rightCompleteyes
7.31.8 border-styleCompleteyesExtended so that dot-dash, dot-dot-dash and wave in CSS3 can be specified.  border-style
7.31.9 border-spacingCompleteyes
7.31.10 border-topCompleteyes
7.31.11 border-widthCompleteyes
7.31.12 cueComplete-
7.31.13 fontCompleteyes
7.31.14 marginCompleteyes
7.31.15 paddingCompleteyes
7.31.16 page-break-afterCompleteyes
7.31.17 page-break-beforeCompleteyes
7.31.18 page-break-insideCompleteyes
7.31.19 pauseComplete-
7.31.20 positionCompleteyes
7.31.21 sizeCompleteyes
7.31.22 vertical-alignCompleteyes
7.31.23 white-spaceCompleteyes
7.31.24 xml:langCompleteyes