Error Messages

Antenna House Formatter V7.4 shows the following error messages.

Error codeError levelError messageComments
1 (0001)4SYSTEM ERROR: Out of memory.System error
2 (0002)4SYSTEM ERROR: C++ exception: XXXXXSystem error
3 (0003)4SYSTEM ERROR: XXXXX is null.System error
4 (0004)4SYSTEM ERROR: Argument is out of range.System error
6 (0006)4SYSTEM ERROR: XXXXX arg is created from a different document.System error
7 (0007)4SYSTEM ERROR: XXXXX is not an AHAttr object.System error
8 (0008)4SYSTEM ERROR: XXXXX is an AHAttr that is already an attribute of another AHElement.System error
9 (0009)4SYSTEM ERROR: XXXXX is not a child of this node.System error
11 (000B)4SYSTEM ERROR: Cannot set a value on node type: XXXXXSystem error
12 (000C)4SYSTEM ERROR: startDocument() must be called just after setOutput().System error
13 (000D)4SYSTEM ERROR: attribute() must be called just after startTag().System error
14 (000E)4SYSTEM ERROR: Unexpected endTag().System error
15 (000F)4SYSTEM ERROR: End tag 'XXXXX' does not match the start tag 'XXXXX'.System error
16 (0010)4SYSTEM ERROR: Unexpected docdecl().System error
18 (0012)4SYSTEM ERROR: Unsupported node type.System error
67 (0043)4Cannot open file: XXXXX
68 (0044)4Unexpected end of input stream.
69 (0045)4Output stream is not set.
70 (0046)4Input stream error.
71 (0047)4Output stream error.
77 (004D)4Cannot remove temporary file: XXXXX
78 (004E)4Cannot create temporary file: XXXXX
113 (0071)4MSXML CreateInstance failed.
114 (0072)4MSXML COM interface exception. Description : XXXXX
115 (0073)4MSXML parsing error. Reason : XXXXX
129 (0081)4Missing end tag.
130 (0082)4Only one top level element is allowed.
131 (0083)4Invalid root tag name after '<!DOCTYPE'.
132 (0084)4Invalid start tag name.
133 (0085)4Invalid end tag name.
134 (0086)4End tag 'XXXXX' does not match the start tag 'XXXXX'
135 (0087)4Undeclared namespace prefix: XXXXX
136 (0088)4Duplicate attribute: XXXXX
137 (0089)4Invalid attribute name: XXXXX
138 (008A)4Missing '=' after attribute name.
139 (008B)4Missing whitespace between attributes.
141 (008D)4Unexpected whitespace after 'XXXXX'.
142 (008E)4Unexpected text at top level of the document.
143 (008F)4Unexpected '<![XXXXX'.
144 (0090)4Unexpected ']]>'.
145 (0091)4Unexpected end of input while looking for CDATA section terminator ']]>'.
146 (0092)4Unexpected end of input while looking for comment terminator '-->'.
148 (0094)4Unexpected DOCTYPE declaration outside of prolog.
149 (0095)4Cannot have multiple DOCTYPE declarations.
150 (0096)4Missing whitespace after 'XXXXX'.
151 (0097)4External ID is expected after 'XXXXX'.
152 (0098)4PubidLiteral is expected after 'XXXXX'.
153 (0099)4SystemLiteral is expected after 'XXXXX'.
154 (009A)4Unexpected end of input in XXXXX declaration.
155 (009B)4Empty entity name.
156 (009C)4Invalid character in entity reference: %XXXXX;
159 (009F)4Entity name is expected after 'XXXXX'.
160 (00A0)4NDATA is expected after 'XXXXX'.
161 (00A1)4Unexpected XML declaration.
162 (00A2)4Missing 'version=' after '<?xml ' in XML declaration.
163 (00A3)4Missing '=' after 'XXXXX' in XML declaration.
164 (00A4)4Missing whitespace after 'XXXXX' in XML declaration.
165 (00A5)4Missing whitespace before 'XXXXX' in XML declaration.
166 (00A6)4Unsupported XML version: X.X
167 (00A7)4Invalid standalone declaration in XML declaration.
168 (00A8)4Invalid syntax in CDATA section.
169 (00A9)4Invalid syntax in comment.
170 (00AA)4Unexpected '<!XXXXX'.
171 (00AB)4The name 'xml' must be lower case: <?XML
172 (00AC)4Missing whitespace after PI target: <?XXXXX
173 (00AD)4Unexpected end of input while looking for PI terminator '?>'.
174 (00AE)4Missing quotation character (' or ").
175 (00AF)4Unexpected end of input while looking for literal terminator X.
176 (00B0)4Unexpected '<' in attribute value.
177 (00B1)4Unexpected whitespace in character reference: &#XXXXX;
178 (00B2)4Invalid character in character reference: &#XXXXX;
179 (00B3)4Invalid Unicode character: &#XXXXX;
180 (00B4)4Invalid character.
181 (00B5)4Unknown or unsupported encoding: XXXXX
182 (00B6)4No-XML document.
183 (00B7)4Unclosed tag: XXXX
185 (00B9)4Conflict encoding: XXXXX
186 (00BA)4Invalid element name: XXXXX
187 (00BB)4Invalid attribute value: XXXXX="XXXXX"
188 (00BC)4External entity is not allowed: 'XXXXX'.
189 (00BD)4Empty attribute name: XXXXX
190 (00BE)4Huge text.
513 (0201)2End tag 'XXXXX' does not match the start tag 'XXXXX'
514 (0202)2Reference to undefined entity: %XXXXX;
515 (0203)2Reference to undefined entity: &XXXXX;
516 (0204)2External entity is not allowed: 'XXXXX'.
517 (0205)2Cannot open file: XXXXX
518 (0206)2Not an XML Catalog file: 'XXXXX'.
521 (0209)2Only one top level element is allowed.
769 (0301)3Unexpected character: XXXXX
770 (0302)3Unexpected whitespace after 'XXXXX'.
771 (0303)3Unexpected character '--' in comment
897 (0381)1Unexpected character: XXXXX
898 (0382)1Unexpected whitespace after 'XXXXX'.
899 (0383)1Unexpected character '--' in comment
929 (03A1)1No stylesheet given.
930 (03A2)1Cannot open stylesheet file: XXXXX
931 (03A3)1Empty stylesheet: XXXXX
932 (03A4)1Cannot read stylesheet file: XXXXX
933 (03A5)1Invalid BOM.
934 (03A6)1Conflict @charset 'XXXXX' must be 'XXXXX'.
935 (03A7)1Unsupported encoding 'XXXXX'.
936 (03A8)1Unexpected end of stylesheet.
937 (03A9)1Unexpected @XXXXX.
938 (03AA)1S/CDO/CDC/comment preceded by @charset.
939 (03AB)1Invalid @charset in <style>.
940 (03AC)1Extra @charset exists.
941 (03AD)1Invalid @namespace: expected string.
942 (03AE)1Invalid @import: expected url.
943 (03AF)1Looped @import 'XXXXX'.
944 (03B0)1Cannot place @XXXXX inside @XXXXX.
945 (03B1)1Must place @XXXXX inside @XXXXX.
946 (03B2)1Unknown or unsupported @XXXXX.
947 (03B3)1Missing closing parenthesis.
948 (03B4)1Missing closing square-bracket.
949 (03B5)1Missing colon.
950 (03B6)1Missing semicolon.
951 (03B7)1Missing opening curly-bracket.
952 (03B8)1Missing closing curly-bracket.
953 (03B9)1Unexpected closing curly-bracket.
954 (03BA)1Unexpected token: 'XXXXX'.
955 (03BB)1Invalid simple-selector.
956 (03BC)1Invalid selector after pseudo-element: 'XXXXX'.
957 (03BD)1Invalid type-selector: 'XXXXX'.
958 (03BE)1Invalid class-selector: 'XXXXX'.
959 (03BF)1Invalid attribute-selector: 'XXXXX'.
960 (03C0)1Invalid pseudo-selector.
962 (03C2)1Invalid property name: XXXXX.
963 (03C3)1Invalid property value: XXXXX: XXXXX.
964 (03C4)1Invalid term: 'XXXXX'.
965 (03C5)1Undefined namespace-prefix: 'XXXXX'.
966 (03C6)1Invalid media-query: 'XXXXX'.
967 (03C7)1Unknown media-type: 'XXXXX'.
968 (03C8)1Unknown media-feature: 'XXXXX'.
969 (03C9)1Missing opening-parenthesis for media expression.
970 (03CA)1Missing closing-parenthesis for media expression.
971 (03CB)1Missing media-feature.
972 (03CC)1Missing @media block.
973 (03CD)1Empty page-selector.
974 (03CE)1Invalid page-selector: 'XXXXX'.
975 (03CF)1Invalid pseudo-page-selector: 'XXXXX'.
976 (03D0)1Missing counter-style-name.
977 (03D1)1Looped variable reference: XXXXX.
978 (03D2)1Invalid var argument: XXXXX.
979 (03D3)1Too few function arguments: XXXXX.
980 (03D4)1Too many function arguments: XXXXX.
981 (03D5)1Cannot be combined any other values: XXXXX.
983 (03D7)1Invalid pseudo element: ::XXXXX.
984 (03D8)1Invalid nested pseudo class :has(XXXXX).
1009 (03F1)1No comma between function arguments: XXXXX.
1010 (03F2)1Undefined variable: XXXXX.
1011 (03F3)1Unknown or unsupported pseudo element: ::XXXXX.
1012 (03F4)1Unknown or unsupported pseudo class: :XXXXX.
1025 (0401)4XXXXX is not specified.
1026 (0402)4FontConfig file is not found: XXXXX
1027 (0403)4No <font-folder> in XXXXX
1028 (0404)4Unexpected start tag: <XXX> in XXXXX
1029 (0405)4Unexpected end tag: </XXX> in XXXXX
1030 (0406)4Invalid value: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1031 (0407)4Empty value: <XXX XXX> in XXX
1032 (0408)4No-file path is not allowed: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1033 (0409)4Relative path is not allowed: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1034 (040A)4Already registered value: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1035 (040B)4Invalid font file extension: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1036 (040C)4Font file must be base file name: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1037 (040D)4Not an integer value: <XXX XXX="XXX"> in XXXXX
1921 (0781)1Font read error: XXXXX
1923 (0783)1Glyph-list open error: XXXXX
1924 (0784)1Glyph-list read error: XXXXX
1925 (0785)1Cannot read printer font: XXXXX
1926 (0786)1Cannot read font information: XXXXX
1928 (0788)1Font file error: XXXXX
1929 (0789)1Font file error: XXXXX
1930 (078A)1Already registered font-face font: XXXXX
1931 (078B)1Cannot open font-face font: XXXXX
1932 (078C)1Cannot create font-face font: XXXXX
1933 (078D)1Cannot read font-face font information: XXXXX
1934 (078E)1Cannot make raster image of glyph: XXXXX
1944 (0798)1Unsupported font-face font: XXXXX
1945 (0799)1Unembeddable font-face font: XXXXX
8193 (2001)4XSLT Processor is not given.
8194 (2002)4No XSL Stylesheet is specified.
8195 (2003)4FO transformation failed.
8196 (2004)4Cannot find MSXML.
8197 (2005)4Cannot load file to XMLDomDocument.
8198 (2006)4Cannot load XSL Stylesheet.
8199 (2007)4Invalid XSL Stylesheet.
8200 (2008)4Cannot find <fo:root> in FO.
8201 (2009)4Invalid name space in FO.
8202 (200A)4Cannot execute external XSLT Processor.
8205 (200D)4Transformed FO is invalid.
8206 (200E)4FO transformation failed.
8208 (2010)4FO transformation by MSXML DOM failed.
8209 (2011)4Cannot create the pipe for XSLT Processor.
8210 (2012)4Cannot read from the pipe for XSLT Processor.
9103 (238F)1XXXXX.xsl:message output
10241 (2801)4XXXXX is not given.
10242 (2802)4Next page-master with master-name="XXXXX" is not found.
10243 (2803)4Page-master with master-name="XXXXX" is not found.
10244 (2804)4fo:flow is not assigned on page: master-name="XXXXX".
10245 (2805)4Unassigned flow: flow-name="XXXXX"
10246 (2806)4fo:flow-map with flow-map-name="XXXXX" is not found.
10247 (2807)4Incorrect flow-map (mixture of fo:static-content and fo:flow): flow-map-name="XXXXX".
10248 (2808)4Incorrect flow-map (same flow-name): flow-map-name="XXXXX", flow-name="XXXXX".
10249 (2809)4Incorrect flow-map (same region-name): flow-map-name="XXXXX", region-name="XXXXX".
10250 (280A)4Duplicated change-bar-class: 'XXXXX'.
10251 (280B)4Missing region-body flow: master-name="XXXXX".
10252 (280C)4Contradictory value of attribute 'XXXXX' with the same form-field name 'XXXXX'.
10253 (280D)4Incorrect flow-map (not found flow-name): flow-map-name="XXXXX", flow-name="XXXXX".
10254 (280E)4Unresolved internal-destination: "XXXXX".
10255 (280F)4This document requires version XXXXX or later.
10256 (2810)4No corresponding area on first spread page for spread region: XXXXX
10753 (2A01)2Unknown FO element: 'XXXXX'.
10754 (2A02)2Unknown property: 'XXXXX'.
10755 (2A03)2Unexpected FO element: 'XXXXX'.
10756 (2A04)2Unexpected FO element: 'XXXXX'.
10758 (2A06)2Unexpected element: 'XXXXX'.
10759 (2A07)2Unexpected element: 'XXXXX'.
10760 (2A08)2Unexpected text: 'XXXXX'.
10761 (2A09)2Invalid property value: XXXXX="XXXXX"
10762 (2A0A)2Invalid compound property: 'XXXXX'
10763 (2A0B)2Unknown extension property: 'XXXXX'
10764 (2A0C)2Missing required property value: 'XXXXX' on XXXXX.
10765 (2A0D)2Satisfied conditional-page-master-reference is not found in fo:page-sequence-master master-name="XXXXX".
10767 (2A0F)2Sub-sequence-specifiers in fo:page-sequence-master master-name="XXXXX" are exhausted.
10768 (2A10)2Duplicate id value: id="XXXXX".
10769 (2A11)2Unresolved id value: "XXXXX".
10771 (2A13)2Not yet supported: XXXXX.
10772 (2A14)2Duplicate color-profile-name: XXXXX.
10774 (2A16)2Expected FO element: 'XXXXX'.
10775 (2A17)2Ambiguous conditional-page-master-references are found in fo:page-sequence-master master-name="XXXXX", master-reference="XXXXX" and "XXXXX".
10776 (2A18)2Duplicate xxxxx-name: "XXXXX".
10777 (2A19)2Unresolved index-key value: "XXXXX".
10778 (2A1A)2Empty contents: 'XXXXX'.
10779 (2A1B)2Expected element: 'XXXXX'.
10780 (2A1C)2Contradictory value of attribute 'XXXXX' with the same form-field name 'XXXXX'.
10781 (2A1D)2Unsupported function argument: XXXXX(XXXXX).
10782 (2A1E)2Unresolved internal-destination: "XXXXX".
10783 (2A1F)2Insufficient property value: XXXXX="XXXXX".
10784 (2A20)2Unexpected property: 'XXXXX'.
10785 (2A21)2XXXXX is not given.
10786 (2A22)2Unassigned flow: flow-name="XXXXX"
10787 (2A23)2Duplicate flow-name="XXXXX"
10788 (2A24)2Cannot access file: XXXXX
10789 (2A25)2Duplicate region-name: 'XXXXX'.
10790 (2A26)2Different regions have same region-name: 'XXXXX'.
10791 (2A27)2Unexpected 'fo:float' with float-y.
10792 (2A28)2Cannot condense no-width area: Page XX.
10793 (2A29)2Insufficient condense area: Page XX. V7.4
11009 (2B01)3fo:change-bar-begin with change-bar-class="XXXXX" is not found.
11010 (2B02)3fo:change-bar-end with change-bar-class="XXXXX" is not found.
11011 (2B03)3Unresolved internal-destination: "XXXXX".
11139 (2B83)1Unexpected FO element: 'XXXXX'.
11140 (2B84)1Need block level FO element: 'XXXXX'.
11141 (2B85)1No color value is given in rgb-icc separation: 'XXXXX'.
11142 (2B86)1Unknown PANTONE color name: 'XXXXX'.
11144 (2B88)1Invalid fo:xxxxx with ref-id="XXXXX".
11145 (2B89)1Unresolved internal-destination: "XXXXX".
11146 (2B8A)1Unknown extension element: 'XXXXX'.
11148 (2B8C)1Overlapped table cell: row=XX col=XX.
11151 (2B8F)1Deprecated property: 'XXXXX'.
11152 (2B90)1Deprecated property value: XXXXX="XXXXX".
11154 (2B92)1Obsoleted property: 'XXXXX'.
11155 (2B93)1Obsoleted property value: XXXXX="XXXXX".
11156 (2B94)1Unknown language: 'XXXXX'.
11157 (2B95)1Unknown script: 'XXXXX'.
11159 (2B97)1Ineffective property: XXXXX on XXXXX.
11160 (2B98)1Scale to fit image (XXXXX, XXXXX).  issue-scale-to-fit
11161 (2B99)1Unsupported property value: XXXXX="XXXXX".
11162 (2B9A)1Invalid @charset syntax.
11163 (2B9B)1Unknown or unsupported @charset encoding: 'XXXXXX'.
11164 (2B9C)1Nested fo:page-sequence master-name='XXXXXX'.
12802 (3202)2Missing declaration separator ';': 'XXXXX'.
12803 (3203)2Invalid pseudo element: 'XXXXX'.
12804 (3204)2Unexpected token: 'XXXXX'.
12805 (3205)2Invalid class attribute: 'XXXXX'.
12806 (3206)2Missing attribute name before: ']'.
12807 (3207)2Missing closing parenthesis 'X': unexpected 'XXXXX'.
12808 (3208)2Missing opening parenthesis 'X': unexpected 'XXXXX'.
12809 (3209)2Invalid attribute name: 'XXXXX'.
12810 (320A)2Invalid lang value: 'XXXXX'.
12811 (320B)2Invalid positional condition: 'XXXXX'.
12812 (320C)2Unknown property: 'XXXXX'.
12813 (320D)2Invalid property value: XXXXX: XXXXX
12814 (320E)2Invalid @charset value: 'XXXXX'.
12815 (320F)2Invalid @import url: 'XXXXX'.
12816 (3210)2Invalid @media value: 'XXXXX'.
12817 (3211)2Invalid id attribute: 'XXXXX'.
12820 (3214)2Invalid @namespace url: 'XXXXX'.
12821 (3215)2Missing style in selector: 'XXXXX'.
12822 (3216)2Invalid declaration: 'XXXXX'.
12823 (3217)2Cannot load stylesheet: 'XXXXX'.
12824 (3218)2Insufficient function parameter: 'XXXXX'.
12825 (3219)2Too many function parameters: 'XXXXX'.
12826 (321A)2Invalid function parameter type: function 'XXXXX', parameter 'XXXXX'.
12827 (321B)2@import rules must precede all other rules.
12828 (321C)2Invalid color value: 'XXXXX'.
12829 (321D)2Unknown function call: 'XXXXX()'.
12830 (321E)2Missing or invalid @counter-style name: 'XXXXX'.
12831 (321F)2Missing required property value: 'XXXXX' on XXXXX.
12832 (3220)2Insufficient property value: XXXXX: XXXXX.
12833 (3221)2Unexpected property: 'XXXXX'.
12835 (3223)2Unknown property: 'XXXXX'.System error
12836 (3224)2Invalid selector after pseudo element: 'XXXXX'.
12837 (3225)2Looped variable reference: var(XXXXX).
12838 (3226)2Undefined variable: XXXXX.
12840 (3228)2Invalid compound property: XXXXX.
13187 (3383)1Ignore string-set: XXXXX XXXXX.
13188 (3384)1Obsoleted property value: XXXXX: XXXXX.
13189 (3385)1Unsupported property value: XXXXX: XXXXX.
13190 (3386)1Unexpected token: 'XXXXX'.
13191 (3387)1Cannot specify 'display: XXXX' for the root element.
13192 (3388)1Cannot specify 'display: XXXX' for <XXXX>, must be 'XXXX'.
13193 (3389)1Invalid property value: XXXXX: XXXXX;
13194 (338A)1Invalid color value: XXXXX: XXXXX;
13195 (338B)1Default html.css is not found: XXXXX
14337 (3801)4Invalid Option Setting file. XXXXX
14338 (3802)4Unlicensed formatter type: XXX.
14339 (3803)4No AreaTree: XXXXX
14340 (3804)4Unsupported AreaTree version 'XXX.X': XXXXX
14341 (3805)4Start formatting failure: XXXXX
14342 (3806)4Invalid Operator Dictionary file. XXXXX
14343 (3807)4Invalid page number XXX (expect XXX).
14850 (3A02)2Area overflow: XXXX (inline/block XXpt) Page XX (XX).Area overflow occurred, by overflow="error-if-overflow"
14851 (3A03)2Invalid page number XXX (expect XXX).
15107 (3B03)3Invalid page number XXX (expect XXX).
15234 (3B82)1Area overflow, minor: XXXX (inline/block XXpt) Page XX (XX).A minor overflow (not greater than the overflow limit) occurred, by overflow="error-if-overflow" with axf:overflow-limit
15236 (3B84)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines failure: @XXXX.
15237 (3B85)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines narrower width: @XXXX.
15238 (3B86)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines too large paragraph: @XXXX.
15239 (3B87)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines unbreakable: @XXXX.
15240 (3B88)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines overflow: @XXXX.
15241 (3B89)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines unsupported XXXX: @XXXX.
15242 (3B8A)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines unsupported intruded FloatArea: @XXXX.
15243 (3B8B)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines unsupported intruded FloatArea: @XXXX.
15245 (3B8D)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines unsupported preserved tab-character: @XXXX.
15246 (3B8E)1Breaking Paragraphs into Lines unsupported complex RubyArea: @XXXX.
15248 (3B90)1Invalid page number XXX (expect XXX).
15249 (3B91)1Invalid XXXXX with undefined or unappeared ref-id="XXXXX".
15250 (3B92)1Invalid XXXXX with ref-id="XXXXX" contained inside XXXXX.
16385 (4001)4Printing is canceled.In case the Cancel button was being pushed in the Print dialog or StartDoc() failed, etc.
16386 (4002)4Printer is not found: XXXXX
16387 (4003)4StartPage() failed or canceled.
16388 (4004)4EndPage() failed.
16390 (4006)4PDF output error.
16391 (4007)4PDF output : Font embedding error.
16392 (4008)4PDF output : Encryption error.
16393 (4009)4Cannot open TEXT file.
16394 (400A)4Cannot write TEXT file.
16398 (400E)4PDFLinearizer: Cannot rename PDF file: XXXXX
16399 (400F)4PDFLinearizer: Cannot open PDF file: XXXXX
16400 (4010)4PDFLinearizer error: XXXXX
16402 (4012)4SVG output error: XXXXXSVG output error
16403 (4013)4Unsupported PDF version: XXXXX
16404 (4014)4PostScript output error: XXXXX
16407 (4017)4Unsupported encoding: XXXXX
16408 (4018)4XPS output error: XXXXX
16413 (401D)4AHPDF error: XXXXX
16414 (401E)4OOXML output error: XXXXX
16415 (401F)4OOXML output from HTML is not supported.
16416 (4020)4Error of Role Map Setting: XXXXX Role Map
16420 (4024)4Cannot create font for water-mark.
16897 (4201)2File name is not specified: axf:annotation-file-attachment.  axf:annotation-file-attachment
16898 (4202)2Attachment is not found: axf:annotation-file-attachment: XXXXX  axf:annotation-file-attachment
16900 (4204)2Cannot embed the image: XXXXX
16901 (4205)2No ICC profile specified: XXXXX
16902 (4206)2AHPDF error: XXXXX
16903 (4207)2AHPDF warning: XXXXX
16904 (4208)2Unsupported PDF Blend Mode: XXXXX
16905 (4209)2Unsupported PDF Shading Type: XXXXX
16906 (420A)2Unsupported PDF Soft Mask: XXXXX
16907 (420B)2Transparency is not allowed.
16908 (420C)2PDF output warning.
16909 (420D)2Cannot import PDF file: XXXXX
16910 (420E)2Cannot open XMP resource: XXXXX
16911 (420F)2Empty XMP resource: XXXXX
16912 (4210)2Invalid XMP resource: XXXXX
16913 (4211)2Multimedia is not supported on XXXXX.
16914 (4212)2Layer is not supported on XXXXX.
16915 (4213)2Blend Mode is not allowed on XXXXX.
16916 (4214)2OOXML output warning: XXXXX
16920 (4218)2Cannot access file: XXXXX
16921 (4219)2Fault of rendering blur text-shadow: XXXXX
16922 (421A)2Undefined layer name exists: 'XXXXX'
16923 (421B)2Richmedia is not supported on XXXXX.
16924 (421C)2Multimedia doesn't support. Change to Richmedia. : XXXXX
16925 (421D)2Warning of Role Map Setting: XXXXX Role Map
16926 (421E)2Cannot embed a page with annotation in different positions multiple times. : XXXXX
16930 (4222)2No axf:annotation-file-name is given with data: attachment.
16931 (4223)2Warning of rasterizing process: XXXXX
17281 (4381)1Invalid printer bin number/name: XXXXX  axf:printer-bin-selection
17282 (4382)1Invalid printer duplex: XXXXX  axf:printer-duplex
17284 (4384)1AHPDF information: XXXXX
17285 (4385)1Too long default value of text field 'XXXXX': XXXXX
17286 (4386)1Invalid default value of text field 'XXXXX': XXXXX
17287 (4387)1Invalid format of text field 'XXXXX': XXXXX
17288 (4388)1PostScript output information: XXXXX
17289 (4389)1OOXML output information: XXXXX
17290 (438A)1No effective output intent specified on XXXXX.
17291 (438B)1SVG parsing information: XXXXX.
18433 (4801)4Cannot remove temporary file: XXXXX
18434 (4802)4PDF file is protected by a password
18435 (4803)4Cannot read PDF: XXSystem error
18441 (4809)4MathML parsing error: XXXXX
18442 (480A)4PDF reading error: XXXXX
18449 (4811)4Office file is encrypted but I can't find the encryption information (Access may be restricted due to rights issues.)
18945 (4A01)2Cannot create temporary file for image.
18946 (4A02)2Graphic file name is not specified.
18947 (4A03)2Cannot load graphic file: XXXXX
18948 (4A04)2Graphic file is not found: XXXXX
18949 (4A05)2Graphic file is broken: XXXXX
18950 (4A06)2Unknown or unsupported graphic file format: XXXXX
18952 (4A08)2SVG parsing error: XXXXX
18953 (4A09)2MathML parsing error: XXXXX
18954 (4A0A)2Cannot create temporary stream for image.
18956 (4A0C)2CGM parsing error XXXXX
18958 (4A0E)2Cannot create Distiller instance.
18959 (4A0F)2Cannot create Ghostscript instance.
18960 (4A10)2Distiller processing failed: XXXXX
18961 (4A11)2Ghostscript processing failed: XXXXX
18964 (4A14)2Missing barcode type.
18965 (4A15)2Unsupported barcode type: XXXXX.
18966 (4A16)2Barcode generation error: XXXXX.
18967 (4A17)2PDF reading warning: XXXXX
18968 (4A18)2Cannot specify this image here: XXXXX
18969 (4A19)2MathML rendering error (XXXXX:XXXXX)
18970 (4A1A)2Graphic file cannot display: XXXXX
18971 (4A1B)2Image preprocessing failure:: XXXXX
18972 (4A1C)2Image preprocessing warning:: XXXXX
19329 (4B81)1Graphic file has no EPS preview: XXXXX
19330 (4B82)1Conflict media-type: XXXXX actually XXXXX
19331 (4B83)1Unknown media-type: XXXXX
19332 (4B84)1Unknown content-type: XXXXX
19333 (4B85)1SVG parsing information. Reason : XXXXX
19334 (4B86)1JPEG does not end with EOI: XXXXX
19335 (4B87)1Joboptions does not exist: XXXXX
19336 (4B88)1Joboptions is not a file: XXXXX
19337 (4B89)1CGM parsing error XXXXX
19339 (4B8B)1PDF reading information: XXXXX
19340 (4B8C)1MathML rendering information (XXXXX:XXXXX)
19341 (4B8D)1Invalid data is contained @XXXX: XXXXX
19342 (4B8E)1Image preprocessing info:: XXXXX
21377 (5381)1Invalid exception word: XXXXX
21443 (53C3)1'XXXXXX' does not have xxxx, only has yyyy.  Font : Restrictions
22529 (5801)4Create font error: XXXXX
22530 (5802)4Select font error: XXXXX
22531 (5803)4Missing font family: 'XXXXX'.  missing-font
22532 (5804)4Missing glyph U+XXXX (X) in 'XXXXX'.  missing-glyph
22533 (5805)4Fallbacked glyph U+XXXX (X) to 'XXXXX'.  fallback-glyph
22534 (5806)4Emulated small-caps 'XXXXX'.  emulated-small-caps
22535 (5807)4Emulated italic 'XXXXX'.  emulated-italic
23041 (5A01)2Missing font family: 'XXXXX'.  missing-font
23042 (5A02)2Missing glyph U+XXXX (X) in 'XXXXX'.  missing-glyph
23043 (5A03)2Fallbacked glyph U+XXXX (X) to 'XXXXX'.  fallback-glyph
23044 (5A04)2Emulated small-caps 'XXXXX'.  emulated-small-caps
23045 (5A05)2Emulated italic 'XXXXX'.  emulated-italic
23297 (5B01)3Missing font family: 'XXXXX'.  missing-font
23298 (5B02)3Missing glyph U+XXXX (X) in 'XXXXX'.  missing-glyph
23299 (5B03)3Fallbacked glyph U+XXXX (X) to 'XXXXX'.  fallback-glyph
23300 (5B04)3Emulated small-caps 'XXXXX'.  emulated-small-caps
23301 (5B05)3Emulated italic 'XXXXX'.  emulated-italic
23425 (5B81)1Missing font family: 'XXXXX'.  missing-font
23426 (5B82)1Missing glyph U+XXXX (X) in 'XXXXX'.  missing-glyph
23427 (5B83)1Fallbacked glyph U+XXXX (X) in 'XXXXX'.  fallback-glyph
23428 (5B84)1Cannot find script-font: XXXXX  script-font
23429 (5B85)1Emulated small-caps 'XXXXX'.  emulated-small-caps
23430 (5B86)1Emulated italic 'XXXXX'.  emulated-italic
24582 (6006)4Cannot find license file: XXXXX
24583 (6007)4Permission denied license file: XXXXX
24584 (6008)4Invalid license data: XXXXX
24585 (6009)4Cannot load license file: XXXXX
24586 (600A)4Invalid license file: XXXXX
24587 (600B)4Invalid license file: XXXXX
24588 (600C)4Invalid license file that is for another product: XXXXX
24589 (600D)4Invalid license file that is for another platform: XXXXX
24590 (600E)4Invalid license date: XXXXX
24591 (600F)4Evaluation license is expired: XXXXX
24592 (6010)4Invalid license date: XXXXX
24594 (6012)4No license for command line interface: XXXXX
24595 (6013)4No license for program interface: XXXXX
24596 (6014)4Invalid license type: XXXXX
24597 (6015)4Invalid license version: XXXXX
32770 (8002)4Cannot open work file: XXXXX
32771 (8003)4Cannot create work file: XXXXX
32772 (8004)4Invalid printer name: XXXXX
32773 (8005)4Cannot read printer setting file: XXXXX
32774 (8006)4Invalid Printer setting file: XXXXX
32776 (8008)4PDF output failed.System error
32777 (8009)4Printing failed.System error
32778 (800A)4Formatting failed.System error
32779 (800B)4No page is available to print.
32782 (800E)4No volume is available to print.
32783 (800F)4Cannot separate to multi volumes.
32784 (8010)4Cannot output multi volumes to stream.
32785 (8011)4TEXT output failed.System error
32786 (8012)4NUL output failed.System error
32787 (8013)4Printer name is required.
32788 (8014)4SVG output failed.System error
32789 (8015)4Empty document.
32794 (801A)4AreaTree output failed.System error
32796 (801C)4Invalid XfoCommon version.
32799 (801F)4Output file same as input file: XXXXX
32800 (8020)4PostScript output failed.System error
32802 (8022)4No licensed printer name: XXXXX
32803 (8023)4Invalid license.
32804 (8024)4XPS output failed.System error
32805 (8025)4Cannot create formatting thread (XX).
32806 (8026)4Formatting exception: XXXX
32807 (8027)4No rendering page XX is given.System error
32818 (8032)4Empty output multi volumes.
33794 (8402)4Interface instance is not given.System error (Java Interface)
34818 (8802)4Memory access failed.System error (COM Interface)
34819 (8803)4Cannot open work file.(COM Interface)
34820 (8804)4Cannot read work file.(COM Interface)
34821 (8805)4ASP Response data output failed.(COM Interface)
36865 (9001)4Parameter error: XXXXX(Command-line)
36866 (9002)4Cannot transform to FO: XXXXX(Command-line)
36867 (9003)4Printing error: XXXXX(Command-line)
37377 (9201)2Directory not found: XXXXX(Command-line)
38913 (9801)4XSL Stylesheet is not given.(.NET Interface)
38914 (9802)4Attribute index is out of range.(.NET Interface)
45953 (B381)1Consecutive hyphens: XXToo many consecutive lines end with a hyphen
45954 (B382)1Too many blank pages: XXXXExcessive blank pages at end of document
45955 (B383)1Lines starting with the same word: XXXXDuplicate word at consecutive line start
45956 (B384)1Lines ending with the same word: XXXXDuplicate word at consecutive line end
45957 (B385)1Page widowPage-level widow
45958 (B386)1Paragraph widowParagraph-level widow
45959 (B387)1Left/Right page is longer:: XXXXXUnbalanced spread
45960 (B388)1White-space:: width: XXXXX; limit: XXXXXWhite-space
45961 (B389)1River:: total: XXXXX; limit: XXXXX; zone: XXXXXRiver
45962 (B38A)1Lines before:: present: XXXXX; minimum: XXXXXNumber of lines before current block
45963 (B38B)1Lines after:: present: XXXXX; minimum: XXXXXNumber of lines after current block