PDF Transformation

Office Server Document Converter V10.0 converts PDF file into SVG. This version also supports the conversion into JPEG or PNG or TIFF or Multi-page TIFF.

Transformation Specification


Office Server Document Converter V10.0 supports the Adobe PDF of the following version.

  • PDF 1.0 ( Adobe Acrobat 1 )
  • PDF 1.1 ( Adobe Acrobat 2 )
  • PDF 1.2 ( Adobe Acrobat 3 )
  • PDF 1.3 ( Adobe Acrobat 4 , Adobe Distiller 4 )
  • PDF 1.4 ( Adobe Acrobat 5 , Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5 )
  • PDF 1.5 ( Adobe Acrobat 6 , Adobe Distiller 6.0 )
  • PDF 1.6 ( Adobe Acrobat 7 )
  • PDF 1.7 ( Adobe Acrobat 8 , Adobe Acrobat 9 , Adobe Acrobat 10 )
  • PDF 2.0 ( Adobe Acrobat 10 )
  • Adobe Acrobat DC series

Only PDF that made by Adobe Acrobat and Antenna House PDF driver is guaranteed to convert. The converted result from PDF that made by other PDF tools (driver and library) is not guaranteed.


The following are limitations in the conversion from PDF:

  • PDF without permission to print cannot be printed by the printer.
  • PDF without permission to copy and extract cannot be converted.
  • When outputting to an image, the outline of a font is used. In SGV output, if the text information is correct, characters will be outputted, if there are any problems, the outline will be outputted.
  • When converting from PDF to PDF, it's impossible to convert if the converted PDF version is lower than the original PDF version.
  • When there is a part where the color is filled with small images, the conversion may take time.
  • In the PDF1.7 package type, coversion of only the main PDFs are supported.
  • In the Acrobat 9 portfolio type, coversion of only the cover PDFs are supported.
  • Can output annotation, by specifying an optional. However, it is only when the drawing data is embedded in the PDF file.
  • The data inputted in form fields (text and numerical values) can be outputted by specifying an option.
  • An interactive PDF may not be converted correctly.
  • Gradient fill with the following settings will return WARNING: Error Level : 2.