Flash Output

Office Server Document Converter V10.0 can output to an Adobe Flash File. Clicking the button displayed under the outputted SWF text allows navigation to the previous/next page.

Customers must purchase "Office Server Document Converter V10.0 Plus Version" or "Office Server Document Converter V10.0 for Flash Output Version" to output Flash.

Benefits of Flash Output

Flash is a standard vector graphic file format developed by Adobe Systems Inc. SWF files can be controlled by scripting and are widely used for creating interactive websites. Office Server Document Converter V10.0 is capable of converting both PDF and Microsoft Office documents into Adobe Flash format with SWF file extensions so they may be edited, combined and reused in "Flash" presentations.

Font Output

The following fonts are available to output: For details, see Fonts.

Image Output

For more information see "Graphics".


Error Messages

Errors with Flash output will be generated as follows:

16410 (401A): Flash output error (##): XXXXX
18179 (4703): Flash output error (##): XXXXX

(##) indicates the subcode, XXXXX indicates the error message. The following table provides the details of the error messages.

Subcode Message Comments
(4) SWF specification error. XXXXX
(7) Cannot load image source. XXXXX
(9) Cannot convert image. XXXXX
(10) Cannot get pixel data. XXXXX
(11) Image has unsupported color space: <Color Space>
(12) Image has unsupported compression type: <Compression Type>
(13) Invalid Font data.
(19) ZLIB compression failure: <zlib error code>
(21) Unsupported font format.
(41) Unsupported button image.
(42) Nests in canvas are too many to output.
(43) Objects are too many to output.
(44) Objects per page are too many to output.
(45) Glyphs per paragraph are too many to output.
(46) Unsupported radial shading style.
(47) Cannot open button image: XXXXX