AH Formatter V7.0 is a PDF publishing software that formats XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO), XML/HTML with CSS. (XSL-FO and CSS cannot be used together). It is compatible with XSL 1.1 (Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.1), that is an XSL-FO specification for displaying and printing XML documents beautifully. It also supports the page formatting with the layout specified by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets Level 2) and formatting with the layout specified by the page media specifications defined in CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets Level 3) that are being formulated by W3C. This makes it possible to use HTML/XML with CSS to output various documents, forms, high-quality page formatting such as books, and page media such as printing and PDF.

The following six products are prepared according to the formatting capability of AH Formatter V7.0


AH Formatter V7.0 provides the following features:

Antenna House Workflow

AH Formatter V7.0 formats XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO), XML with XSL stylesheet, or HTML with CSS. The formatted result will be displayed in GUI and outputted or printed to PDF. (Display and printing are available only with the Windows version.) The work flow is as shown below.


Find a list of implemented XSL-FO/CSS and properties in “XSL/CSS Properties List”.

Enhancements and New Features

New Enhancements of AH Formatter V7.0 from AH Formatter V6.6 are as follows:

System Requirements

AH Formatter OS
Windows version Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows x64 version Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019 V7.0
Windows 8.1 x64 Edition
Windows 10 x64 Edition
Linux 64bit version Built by GCC4.8. (required libstdc++.so.6 runtime library)
Macintosh 64bit version macOS 10.14 (Intel version) V7.0

For more details, see also Antenna House Website.

Scripts and Languages

AH Formatter V7.0 supports languages expressed with the following scripts among the scripts specified by ISO 15924.

Depending on the language, it's possible to hyphenate the Latin script, the Greek script and the Cyrillic script.

Many of the language codes that are defined by ISO 639-2 or ISO 639-3 can be specified. The main codes are as follows:

language codelanguagescript codehyphenation
afafrAfrikaans Latn yes
(aii)Assyrian Neo-Aramaic no-LT Syrc n/a
amamhAmharic no-LT Ethi no
araraArabic Arab n/a
azazeAzerbaijani Cyrl / Latn no
bnbenBengali no-LT Bengn/a
bgbulBulgarian Cyrl yes
cacatCatalan Latn yes
cscesCzech Latn yes
(cld)Chaldean Neo-Aramaic no-LT Syrc n/a
cycymWelsh Latn yes
dadanDanish Latn yes
dedeuGerman / Swiss German Latn yes
elellGreek Grek yes
enengEnglish Latn yes
en-USeng-USAmerican Latn yes
eoepoEsperanto Latn yes
etestEstonian Latn yes
eueusBasque Latn yes
fafasPersian Arab n/a
fifinFinnish Latn yes
frfraFrench / Canadian French Latn yes
gagleIrish (Erse or Gaelic) Latn yes
gugujGujarati no-LT Gujrn/a
hehebHebrew Hebr n/a
hihinHindi Deva n/a
hrhrvCroatian Cyrl / Latn yes
huhunHungarian Latn yes
idindIndonesian Latn yes
isislIcelandic Latn yes
ititaItalian Latn yes
jajpnJapanese Hani, Hira, Kana, Jpan n/a
knkanKannada no-LT Kndan/a
(kar)Karen no-LT Mymrn/a
kkkazKazakh Cyrl / Latn no
kmkhmKhmer no-LT Khmrn/a
(kht)Khamti no-LT Mymrn/a
kokorKorean Hang, Hani n/a
(ksw)S'gaw Karen no-LT Mymrn/a
lalatLatin Latn yes
lolaoLao no-LT Laoon/a
lvlavLatvian Latn yes
ltlitLithuanian Latn yes
mlmalMalayalam no-LT Mlymn/a
mtmltMaltese Latn yes
(mnw)Mon no-LT Mymrn/a
msmsaBahasa Malay Latn yes
mymyaBurmese (Myanmar) no-LT Mymrn/a
nbnobNorwegian (Bokmål) Latn yes
nlnldDutch / Flemish Latn yes
nnnnoNorwegian (Nynorsk) Latn yes
nonorNorwegian Latn yes
ororiOriya no-LT Oryan/a
papanPanjabi no-LT Gurun/a
plpolPolish Latn yes
ptporPortuguese / Brazilian Latn yes
roronRomanian / Moldavian Latn yes
rurusRussian Cyrl yes
sisinSinhalese no-LT Sinhn/a
skslkSlovak Latn yes
slslvSlovene Latn yes
esspaSpanish Latn yes
srsrpSerbian Cyrl / Latn yes
swswaSwahili Latn yes
svsweSwedish Latn yes
syrSyriac no-LT Syrc n/a
tatamTamil no-LT Tamln/a
tetelTelugu no-LT Telun/a
ththaThai Thai yes
trturTurkish Latn yes
ukukrUkrainian Cyrl yes
ururdUrdu Arab n/a
vivieVietnamese Latn no
zh-CNzho-CNChinese Hani, Hans n/a
zh-TWzho-TWChinese (Taiwanese) Hani, Hant n/a

The codes in parentheses are defined by ISO 639-3. The corresponding scripts show the major example.


AH Formatter V7.0 supports the following HTML, CSS or FO Encodings. These are registered in CHARACTER SETS of IANA. However, the list includes some encodings that are not registered there.

  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16
  • UTF-32
  • ISO-10646-UCS-2
  • ISO-10646-UCS-4
  • ANSI_X3.4
  • ISO_646.irv
  • ISO646-US
  • Windows-1252
  • Windows-31J
  • Shift_JIS
  • EUC-JP
  • ISO-2022-JP
  • GB18030
  • GBK
  • GB2312
  • Big5
  • KS_C_5601-1987
  • iso-ir-149
  • korean
  • ISO-8859-1
  • latin1
  • ISO-8859-2
  • latin2
  • ISO-8859-3
  • latin3
  • ISO-8859-4
  • latin4
  • ISO-8859-5
  • cyrillic
  • ISO-8859-6
  • arabic
  • ISO-8859-7
  • greek
  • ISO-8859-8
  • hebrew
  • ISO-8859-9
  • latin5
  • ISO-8859-10
  • latin6
  • ISO-8859-11
  • ISO-8859-13
  • ISO-8859-14
  • latin8
  • ISO-8859-15
  • Latin-9
  • ISO-8859-16
  • latin10

Windows-31J is considered Shift_JIS.

The encoding of the XML document and XSL stylesheet depends on the XSLT Processor you use when the XML document and XSL stylesheet are converted into XSL-FO by using the XSLT Processor.

XSLT Processor

AH Formatter V7.0 uses an XSLT Processor for converting XML documents and XSL stylesheets into XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) or XHTML. In the Windows version, the higher version available from MSXML6 to MSXML3 is used as the standard XSLT Processor. Windows users have the option to use a different XSLT Processor if desired. In non-Windows version users set their desired XSLT Processor through the “Environment Variables” or “Option Setting File”. For Windows MSXML is already installed.

About AH Formatter V7.0 Lite

AH Formatter V7.0 Lite is a popular version of AH Formatter V7.0, it limits some of the professional functions of V7.0 (hereafter Standard) and is a lower-cost alternative to V7.0 Standard. V7.0 Lite is suitable for customers who don't need advanced handling of PDF, formatting of a great deal of pages, etc. But it's still full of many other attractive functions.

FYI: no-LT sign is applied to the restricted items or described as restriction in this Manual.

About Evaluation Version

AH Formatter V7.0 Evaluation version has the following restrictions as compared to the product version.

There are no restrictions on formatting functions except for the above mentioned. However, the optional features that are not explicitly stated above are invalid.


For further information about AH Formatter V7.0, see our website.

Antenna House provides numerous XSL-FO and CSS samples for testing and learning purpose. See the following:

For more information, technical support and service needs, contact us by e-mail.

To facilitate support requests, provide the following information:

If you are a user of the evaluation version, enter “evaluation version” for the serial number. In the Windows product version, you can put the required information for support to the mail text automatically by using [Help]-[Mail to Support] on the menu bar in GUI.